Edmonton Burlesque Performers

The Edmonton burlesque community is a thriving scene of performance art, from retro vintage glamour to punk rock feminists to boylesque divas. Below is a constantly growing list of active performers in the Edmonton burlesque scene. 


Edmonton Burlesque Performers, A-Z

Alex the Great
Coming into the burlesque world with a background in pole dance, this cheeky performer delights in amusing, amazing, and arousing his audiences. He's the living embodiment of a teddy bear with a strap-on!

Arabella Allure
International award-winning showgirl and aerialist. Former Artistic Director of the Edmonton Burlesque Festival and producer of Naked Girls Reading and Naked Guys Reading.

Audra Dacity
Dancing since before she was born, Audra Dacity brings big smiles, big energy, and a big butt to the stage. She is a director and performer with Capital City Burlesque, and she’s tickled pink to be on the Edmonton Burlesque Festival’s Board of Directors.

Basil Woodlea
Sexy, sweet and has the voice of an angel... he's the gorgeous boylesque and cabaret performer, Basil! Co-producer of The Velvet Cupcakes and The Stud Muffins

Beau Creep
Get ready to scream! Part man and Part... well... you be the judge! He is sex, drugs AND rock and roll with all the glitz and glam your eyes can hold! Board member of the Edmonton Burlesque Festival.

Betsy Ryder
Betsy is a co-founder of Black Label Burlesque! She went from the sweet girl next door to the sweet girl that has a dirty little secret!

Charlie Vegas
The Rockin' Ruby Red Head!

Cherry Monroe
“TCherry Monroe “the queen of dry humor & wet dreams” is the founder & co producer of With Class & Sass Productions featuring The Velvet Cupcakes, The Stud Muffins & The Fem Brûlées. 

Cherry Poppins
Award-winning international showgirl, aerialist and more! 

Delilah Manhandler
The creative and founding force behind Capital City Burlesque, Delilah blurs the lines between parody and absurdity and brings the unexpected to the stage, always leaving the audience wanting more!

Evangeline Cachet
TThe captivating Evangeline Cachet is a decadent performer, delicious down to every last curve! Evangeline loves burlesque for its old hollywood glamour, its celebration of diversity, and, of course, the glitter!

Fitzgerald Bitchwilliam III
A neoclassical ballet dancer by training, Fitzy is Choreographer/Associate Director of MAN UP!

Forbsie Flare
"The Madonna of Edmonton Burlesque"

G. Venchy
From pole to political statements, to belting it out and taking it all off, there are no limits to Edmonton's French boylesque bad boy. Founder of MAN UP! and co-producer of Commedia Burlesco.

Holly Hellcat
Powered by merlot and mimosas, Holly has a penchant for bringing pop-culture icons to life in unexpected ways on the burlesque stage.

Holly Von Sinn
Hitting the burlesque stage like a tornado through a trailer park! Edmonton Burlesque Festival board member and Founder of the Sinners, Freaks and Geeks. Watch out for her abrasive hobo counterpart Howard Van Zandt!

Judy Lee
This curvaceous beauty is a tantalizing storm of seduction. From preforming on festival stages to your favorite local venue, Judy Lee will have you craving for more.  

Kiki Quinn
Known as "Edmonton's Burly Mama!", Kiki Quinn is the founder of the Edmonton Burlesque Centre and a founding member of River City Revue Burlesque.

Layla Le Lay
She’s a little bit curvy and a whole lot of puurrvy. Layla is the producer of The Vagabond Variety Show, co-founder of Black Label Burlesque and a sultry solo performer.

Laynie LoveLace
SDescription: The Betty & Veronica of Burlesque. Witchy Woman. Fat Girl Floozy. With 13 years of dance experience she is dedicated to showcasing oddity, boss babeness and pure female magic. 

LeTabby Lexington
The "good girl of Edmonton burlesque"! This kitten turned vixen is the co-founder and co-Artistic Director of Send in the Girls Burlesque, producer of Dueling Divas, and co-founder of House of Hush Burlesque.

Lilly Whyte
A vintage vixen with a love for the dark and macabre. Founding member of Black Label Burlesque.

Lolita Mignon
Birthed by burlesque clowns and babysat by drag queens, Lolita is a prime cut performer who will leave you longing for her tenderloin.

Maila Mustang
"A metal and B-movie lover with a dash of glamour", Maila is a pinup and fetish muse. Former Edmonton Burlesque Festival Board member and producer of Wednesday Night Tease.

Minni D’Bomme
"Edmonton's detonation button". Minni started out as a troupe member of the River City Revue and now runs her own monthly soloist night called D’Bomme Squad.

Mitzi + Boom
Burlesque performers turned social media mavens. Two Chicks that Click! Public Relations - Design - Story Telling

Professor Eugene Organ
Burlesque host and lecturer extaordinaire, Prof. Organ, PhD, has written research papers for the Journal of Glitterology, such as "Assles to Tassles – Butts to Busts" and "Hard Labour: Difficult Twerking Conditions".

River Strips
Flowing into the burlesque scene in 2017 with a variety of dance backgrounds to her name, including ballet, belly dance, pole, and even lyra. This nymph of the North Saskatchewan will leave you wanting to pay the ferryman just to spend some time with her.

Rusty Kingfisher
Rusty is a costumer, actor and performer, member of MAN UP! and the Clue Burlesque Murder Mystery cast.

Sadie Sedusa
This curvaceous cutie, is a wild child. Neo-burlesque performer that can chug a beer faster than any of you could. She loves all things rock and roll, and burlesque.

Scarlette Fussion
This fiery bombshell will ignite your soul and leave you sizzling in your seat.

Scarlett Von Bomb
This powerhouse performer made her debut at Evolution in All Tease All Shade in 2016. She is the 2017 Edmonton Burlesque Festival Bunny Competition First Runner Up!

Sin Lizzy
Reincarnated from a time of glitter, glam and rock'n'roll, Sin Lizzy never goes out without at least one sequin covered garmet, leaving a trail of sparkles wherever she goes.

Smitten Wesson
Former professional athlete in football and baseball; this sweet and sturdy cowboy has taken to boylesque like a moth to flame. Much like the rifle, he'll make sure you don't go off half-cocked...

Smitten with Arabella
Gun-slinging cowboy Smitten Wesson teams up with reigning Caribbean Queen of Burlesque Arabella Allure. With a pair like this - its one hell of a showdown. The outlaw joins the outback, combining acro-balance and aerials.

Velvet Von Steam
She’s Edmonton’s slow burn succubus, performing with Black Label Burlesque. From the silly to the sexy, the sultry to the sassy, one thing we know is Velvet is steaming hot.

Victoria von Kink
Burlesque Performer (member of Capital City Burlesque) | Party Monster | Caustic Wit | Glitter Boner

Violette Coquette
International burlesque artist and Feminist Provocateur Violette Coquette is the perfect mix of gin-soaked revelry, glamour and delight. Co-founder of House of Hush Burlesque.

Vivian Vanguard
Fresh-faced international burlesque performer who made her debut in May 2018. This sassy seductress can’t wait to shimmy and shake her way into your hearts.

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